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FlowTex EGYPT is a leading contracting company, which introduced the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) to the Egyptian market.

FlowTex EGYPT was founded in 1997 as an Egyptian Joint Stock Company that established a wide reputation for serving the (HDD) pipeline industry as a competent contractor using the most advanced technology and this is clear from our enclosed projects' reference list.

our goal is to provide large scale of horizontal directional driling services in & out of Egypt through solving all problems hindering the pipes and cables instaltion.

FlowTex EGYPT, as a leading contractor, installed various different pipes and cables. This means experience in horizontal directional drilling (HDD) service for more than 8 years, with over 50 employees and various rigs' range.

FlowTex EGYPT ambition has been fulfilled by being the only company of the world that crossed the Suez Canal 34 times for supplying Sinai with utilities like gas, fuel, water, fiber optical, electrical and telephone cables.

FlowTex EGYPT, after executing all crossings sucssefuly, have become expereinced and capable of dealing with all kinds of soil conditions (soft, hard, rock, etc…).

our four corner-stone philosophies are Flexibility, Mobility, Reliability, and Quality.

If required, we provide the whole project's consultations, planning, management, and construction.
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