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Horizontal Directional Drilling Process

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  • The trenchless installation of pipes and cables using the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) method has become a recognized alternative to installation in open trenches.
  • Environmentally safe materials make directional drilling the method of choice on environmental remediation projects and is perfect for utility installations in congested urban environments.
  • Due to the technical advantages of the technology, the minimum adverse effect on the ground surface and its economic efficiency, the (HDD) method is widely used.
  • The practice shows, that application of this technology reduces the operating costs of a traditional technology by a factor of 2 to 3.
  • This method of operation is considerably faster than conventional methods, which means that the job is completed in many instances without people in the area being aware it has been done.
  • Nevertheless, trenchless installation still requires a particularly high quality of design, planning and execution, specialized knowledge and the appropriate equipment for the drilling.
  • The specialist skill with which the employees of FlowTex Egypt have for years successfully installed pipes and cables on a large scale, helps FlowTex Egypt to set the quality standard for the (HDD) process.

Horizontal Directional Drilling Steps

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The right Horizontal Directional Drilling plan for every case

The wide variety of the demands made on the pipe installation requires an equally wide range of possible solutions. These are based on horizontal drilling equipment for every case.

The range of machines available from FlowTex Egypt is also rounded off by special drilling tools for different soil conditions. Therefore, FlowTex Egypt is capable of carrying out a wide range of different projects using the (HDD) process.

Pipe Jacking with Micro Tunneling Technology
  • Pipe Jacking with Micro Tunneling Technology is a technique for construct tunnel by using a purpose made TBM (Tunneling Boring Machine) for excavation.
  • The TBM is designed as a slurry machine offering controlled support pressure to the tunnel face and allowing for the use of bentonite slurry where required.
  • The complete system is include TBM, slurry, circuit, main jacking station, interjack stations and automatic bentonite injection system for lubrication of the pipe annulus.
  • The entire spoil handling system is capable of maintaining a TBM advance of a maximum of 150mm/minute and managing rocks/boulders up to 300mm in size.
  • The system is to enable the excavated muck to be pumped directly to the surface, using stage pumping as appropriate.
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