ISO 9001:2008

Our compliance with ISO 9001:2008 acknowledges our quality management system standards with the ability to consistently provide our customers with quality that follow international requirements and through effective application systems and processes of continual improvement.

ISO 14001:2004

With our ISO 14001:2004 certification, we are committed to operational and internal policies that take into account legal and environmental aspects. To the maximum of our jurisdiction, we follow world-class environmental guidelines and strong environmental policies.

OHSAS 18001:2007

OHSAS 18000:2007 is an international occupational health and safety management system certification that reinforces our company’s control over occupational health and safety risks to employees and personnel related to our operations. Demonstrating diligence, FlowTex Egypt continuously works on minimizing any operations-related hazards that can jeopardize the safety of its employees.




Chairman & CEO


Over the past two decades, Flowtex Egypt has operated in nine countries on three continents successfully completing more than 200 projects and laying more than 350 km of pipelines. With a primary focus on Egypt, we were the industry’s pioneers, introducing an environmental and efficient trenchless solution for the installation of infrastructure utilities and underground services, while in 2014, we became the sole drilling company around the globe to execute 100 crossings below the Suez Canal, providing Sinai’s peninsula with varying infrastructure utilities including gas, oil, water and fiber optical cables. Despite the varying scales and capacities of the projects successfully managed by Flowtex Egypt, it has been our prime focus to take ownership and give equal attention and dedication to each project we land. Our people have developed a solid understanding of the industry’s demanding and meticulous nature, realizing that it is only through real teamwork, robust camaraderie and prioritization of the greater good of each project that we will be able to prevail. Implementing the latter, we have managed – and continue – to guarantee our customers an unparalleled level of satisfaction that accentuates safety and quality within an efficient framework. In the coming years, we will be taking solid and steady steps towards expanding our umbrella into new geographic regions with a focus on retaining and acquiring top-notch calibers that support our quality consistency. In addition, in line with our strategy towards service portfolio diversification, we are committed to add new technology services to our offerings that compliment our strong expertise in horizontal direction drilling. Staying ahead of the market with leadership that continues since our inception will mark the coming era for Flowtex Egypt.



Company founded


First HDD Crossing Under Suez Canal


Approach Europe

First International Project For Flowtex in Azerbaijan with CCC under British Petroleum


Approach Africa

First HDD crossing for Flowtex in Sudan


Approach the Middle-East

First 2000m HDD crossing for Flowtex in Saudi Arabia with Saudi Aramco (Shiba Hills).


First offshore project for Flowtex in Saudi Arabia with Saudi Aramco


Flowtex was the first company to introduce the HDD technology in Syria

Flowtex performed a specific environmental friendly project in Madagascar working in a forest between mountains.


Largest water pipeline crossing project for Flowtex in Abu Dhabi UAE with Transco/Lindenberg Emirates – 48” diameter


Flowtex was the first company to introduce the HDD technology in Iraq


Flowtex penetrated the Nigerian market, executing a project with TOTAL


Approach South America (Mexico)
First HDD crossing for Flowtex in Mexico with SAIPEM under TransCanada

Flowtex was the first company to cross under the Sheikh Zayed road Dubai with CCC & Sicon (Approved by Roads and Transport Authority – RTA)


Flowtex executed 30 crossings under the new Suez Canal project in order to extend all existing utilities under both old and new Canals in 12 months

Four siphons 1200mm HDPE crossing Sheikh Zayed Canal – Sarabium National project Siphons


Flowtex participated in Zohr Gas Field Development Project, accomplishing 40 crossings in 5 months – 24″ 26″ 32″ diameters


Flowtex participated in the New Administration Capital by executing 16 Gas HDD crossings 42” lengths range: 1000-1500m


Established in 1997, FlowTex Egypt is the pioneer Egyptian Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) contractor and service provider in Egypt and the MENA region. With nearly two decades of experience and based on world-class technology, FlowTex Egypt has successfully delivered 200+ projects for national and multinational companies and governmental entities operating in various sectors in Egypt, the Middle East and North Africa. A professional team of certified engineers with strong expertise of managing world-class drilling technology differentiates FowTex Egypt and positions it on the international map of HDD providers.


We bring together two-decades of perfected knowhow and the expertise of a well-rounded team to exceed our customers’ expectations; providing them with international standards of safety, quality and satisfaction, all implemented within our efficient trenchless drilling solutions.

Flowtex is aiming to maintain a pioneering and leading status amongst industry providers on a global scale, delivering more efficient and environmental solutions in infrastructure construction and expanding globally to help develop projects on every continent.







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